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aboutJustin C. Park

ㆍLicensed Acupuncturist (NY)
ㆍNationally board certified in Acupuncture (NCCAOM)
ㆍNationally board certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine (NCCAOM)
ㆍMaster of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
( Pacific College of Oriental Medicine NY)
ㆍReceived over 3500 hours of clinical and academic training in Acupuncture
and Oriental Medicine
ㆍPractitioner of Korean Sa-am Acupuncture
ㆍPractitioner of Korean Four Constitutional Acupuncture
ㆍPractitioner of Master Tung Acupuncture
ㆍMembers of US East Coast Sa-am Academy
( Studied under the direct tutelage of Dr. Hongsoon Kim from
Kyunhee Acupuncture Clinic(NJ)
ㆍMembers of Somun Academic Association