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Weight Loss


weightAcupuncture can be a powerful tool to promote weight loss. It enhances your metabolism to help your body detoxify itself and burn more fat naturally. It also works to diminish excessive appetite and prevent unwanted cravings for food. Acupuncture is also highly effective against cellulite, stretch marks and sagging skin as it enhances your skin’s natural elasticity. Beyond acupuncture, we also offer other methods for weight loss that include:

ㆍAuricular Therapy to curb appetite and stop irregular eating pattern
ㆍHerbal Formulas to detoxify your body and increase your metabolism to burn more fat
ㆍLocal Acupuncture that targets body parts that require specific focus, such as arms and thigh region, as well as abdominal area.
ㆍIndividual dietary plans and personalized exercise plan